LlS photography: CONCERT & portrait photography

Introduction to LLS Photography

I am Laili Soeng a Dutch concert and freelance photographer born in the beautiful town of Utrecht NL with roots in China, Thailand and Indonesia. Being a former classical soprano musically educated at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague NL, I have a big passion for Symphonic Metal. In 2012 when one of my favourite Dutch metal singers Floor Jansen joined Nightwish, I started to film metal concerts and somewhere in 2015 I switched to photography.

Learning photography in live concert situations is one of the hardest and challenging ways to learn to photograph well because of the difficult lighting conditions and moving subjects. When going forward I started to do band and portrait photography as well it was a very easy and satisfying transition because of my live situation skills.

In the beginning of 2018 I finally felt experienced and confident enough to call myself a (semi) professional photographer. That was the moment I started LLS Photography or Laili Soeng Photography.

I have had the pleasure and honour already to collaborate with several bands and musicians like Epica, MaYaN, Ayreon and Laura Macrì on their promo-work. Pictures of these and other great metal and rock bands can be seen in my gallery.

I currently work as a Credit Controller for a Dutch Lawfirm but I still shoot bands and artists I personally like.

I am available for collaborations. If you are an artist or promotor or have a business and like my work, I am available for live or location shoots for promotional purposes for your band or business. Please send me an e-mail by clicking the e-mail button below for pricing details and terms & conditions.


 Cover photo by: Patrick Spruytenburg